Scent Blocker BUI Bear Attractant-Cherry Vanilla Scent-8oz

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Scent Blocker BUI Bear Attractant-Cherry Vanilla Scent-8oz
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Bears Under the Influence Bear Attractant uses the same proven calming effect of the DUI, but provides added bear attracting scents. Hunting for black bears often involves the use of legal baiting across much of the animals range, and this product is tailored for attracting, holding, and calming the bear at bait stations. Spray the influence when you first set-up your bait station. You may spray in on the bait itself, the surrounding foliage, or on a scent rag. Keep applying each time you bait and mist it through the air periodically during your hunt. This will help to encourage prolonged visits and more frequent visits during daylight hours. It has natural extracts infused with powerful scents which attracts, calms, relaxes the bears. It has a highly concentrated proprietary formula and intense cherry vanilla anise scent.
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